Riptide Brewing Pump Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your March or Chugger pump with the Riptide's Tri-Clamp housing and accessories! The Tri-Clamp head makes it easy to disassemble and clean. The head is also made from stainless steel and can rotate to fit almost any setup. The integral linear flow valve provides superior control.

This upgrade kit works perfectly with our H331, H332, H315HF, H340, H350, H375

This upgrade kit will fit the following pumps:


  • CPSS-IN-1 (115V)
  • CPSS-IN-2 (230V)
  • CPSS-CI-1 (115V)
  • CPSS-CI-2 (230V)
  • CPPS-IN-1 (115V)


  • 809-BR-HS
  • 809-PL-HS
  • 809-SS-HS
  • 809-BR-HS-C
  • 809-PL-HS-C
  • 809-SS-HS-C
  • 809-BR
  • 809-PL
  • 809-SS
  • 809-BR-C
  • 809-PL-C
  • 809-SS-C
  • 815-BR
  • 815-PL
  • 815-SS
  • 815-BR-C
  • 815-PL-C
  • 815-SS-C