Red Active Malt - Viking Malt

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12-16 °L - Viking Malt - Viking Red Active Malt is an ideal malt for any ale, dark lager, festival beer or bock where an underlining malty flavor and full bodied taste is desired. Also works well to boost the red tint of your beer. The strong enzyme activity gives good potential for developing recipes with adjuncts or non active malts. If you're aiming for a strong red color, there is no need to dilute this malt down with pale malts. Can be used as 100% base malt.

The unique characteristics of this exceptional malt are based on a special variety and a complex malting process with a curing temperature over 100° C. Check the data sheet below under "Documents" for a comparison of the beer color when using Red Active in different dosage rates.

In 2016 Viking Malt and Danish Malting Group joined forces to better serve their customers. Now the new Viking Malt is the leading malting company in Northern Europe and supply raw materials and services to the global brewing, distilling and food industries. Viking Malt has 6 malthouses in areas where our distinctive Nordic barley is sourced: in Halmstad, Sweden; Vordingborg, Denmark; Lahti, Finland; Panevezys, Lithuania and in Sierpc and Strzegom, Poland. The annual malting capacity is close to 600 kilotons.

Malt Specification:

Moisture % - max. 4.5
Extract fine % dm - min. 79.0
Color °L - 12-16
Protein % dm - max. 12.5
Free amino nitrogen mg/l - min. 140
Sacharification min - max. 20
Diastatic power, WK dm - min. 230