XpressFill XF4500C - 2 Spout Carbonated Beverage Can Filler

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The XF4500C counter-pressure can filler is designed for the Artisan Craft Person looking to can carbonated beverages in a simple way. The carbonated beverage filler is a counter pressure can filler that fills cans from a pressurized source, such as a keg, without losing carbonation; using a sensor probe that shuts off the fill at the desired height. This filler was designed to be technically sophisticated, while operationally very simple.
Even though this machine is designed for carbonated beverages, such as beer and kombucha, it can also be used for still products, using a pressurized keg or pump.
The XF4500C can be used with can sizes that have the standard 12 and 16 oz lid opening, including tall 19.2 oz cans, allowing great flexibility. The XF4500C requires that you also have an air compressor, which is used to hold the can rest in place, a canister of CO2, to pressurize and carbonate your tank or keg, and a pressurized container, to allow your product to flow from high to low pressure, through the machine.
Each beverage filler is hand built to order in the California factory. Lead times average about 3 weeks.


  • One-person, ergonomic canning operation
  • Adjustable fill height and level sensor for consistent filling
  • Adaptable to various can sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • CO2 purge cycle prior to fill reduces head space O2
  • Greatly reduce product waste from overfill
  • Can be used for both nitrogenated and carbonated products
  • Light, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • All materials in the beverage flow path are FDA certified as food grade for contact with alcohol


  • Applications: beer, kombucha, soda, sparkling wine, cider
  • Capacity: 360 cans per hour (12 oz)
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16" wide x 21" high x 15" deep
  • Requires 2.0A of 115V 50/60Hz power